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D&D Refrigeration Repair Solutions

At D&D Solutions we understand the relationship between you, your refrigerator and sustainability. We repair, install and troubleshoot refrigeration systems of all refrigerator brands including but not limited to Samsung, KIC/Whirlpool, Bosch, LG, Defy, Dixon, and Hisense. With any replacement of a refrigeration compartment or part, we supply you with a brand new part to ensure your refrigerator works at its best. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to perform preventive maintenance in order to avoid future problems and breakdowns. As a lisenced services provider, our efficient repairs are subjected to all kinds of refrigerators. These include:

Domestic fridges:

  • Single and double door fridges
  • Chest/box freezers
  • Camp fridges and freezers
  • Portable fridges

Commercial fridges:

  • Cold rooms
  • Chillers
  • Display/beverage fridges
  • Under counter fridges

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs:

We understand that all commercial refrigerators are the lifeline of many businesses through the preservation of products. Emergency repairs are needed to ensure your business keeps running. Our technicians are on standby to attend to all commercial refrigeration repairs as soon as services are needed. At D&D Refrigeration, we supply your refrigerator with the maintenance that it needs through the latest technology. We value all our clients.

We cover the entire Western Cape province. Out of province repairs may be done as well, contact us for a quote!

D&D Refrigeration Repair Solutions strive to produce efficient services at affordable prices



Regassing of any domestic and commercial refrigeration

Compressor Installation

We supply, install and fix refrigerator compressors

Electrical Tripping

Repairing of refrigerators that cause electrical tripping

Relay and Overload Replacement

Replacement of non-working relays and overload

Leakages and Blockages

We fix any form of refrigeration leaks and blocks as well fridge temperature repairs (overfeezing and non-cooling refrigerators)

Commercial Refrigeration Repair

We specialise in supplying parts and repairing of all under counter units and display refrigerators

Thermostat Installation

We supply and install thermostats for any refrigerator

Sell your fridge

If your refrigerator is beyond repair or you'd like to let go of your refrigerator, we buy unwanted refrigerators in cash at an agreed price

For trusted refrigeration repairs by experienced technicians, call us today! It is not just about fixing your refrigerator for us, it's about extending that 'lifetime' relationship with your cooling system.

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  • Regassing and checking leakages for domestic refrigerators

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  • For checking and full diagnosis of all refrigerators

About Us

The business was founded by a graduate of Environmental Management, Damari, and her refrigeration skilled partner, Denny. They brought their two careers into one by bringing you solutions to any kind of refrigeration problems you may experience. More importantly, considering that refrigerators may form part of electronic waste (e-waste) which is environmentally unsustainable. To reduce e-waste from fridges, they offer services that would bring your fridge back to life, thus increasing its 'lifetime'. If your fridge is beyond repair, they collect it and take it to a waste recycling facility where the e-waste would be managed sustainably.

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Situated in Parow, Cape Town, Western Cape

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